surlypuff: this baby is unimpressed with your antics (Default)
surlypuff ([personal profile] surlypuff) wrote2009-05-18 01:09 am

A statement of intent

I intend to use this journal for my "serious" writing where I delude myself into thinking I have any skill at the craft for a few hours at a time before low self-esteem crashes my ego back to the earth, leaving a flaming wreckage of self-loathing and fear that can only be staved off through self-deprecating humor.

As my self-esteem is so tragically low, I intend to keep everything on this page friends only out of fear someone will find my work and email it to the entirety of the world so that they can laugh at me.  If you want to be my friend, send me a message or leave a comment and maybe explain why I would consider you a friend.  If I don't do anything or reply, odds are I forgot about this months ago, just like how I did with my livejournal.

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